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St. Paul EvangelizationSt. Paul Evangelization


St. Paul Street Evangelization

College CampusDate: 14 January 2018
Time: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

St. Paul Street Evangelization presents Basic Evangelization Training, a workshop on how to share your faith. It is hosted by Midwestern State University Catholic Campus Ministry. Basic Evangelization Training from St. Paul Street Evangelization is among the most hands-on, practical, and dynamic evangelization workshops for Catholics in the church today. The workshop includes a series of presentations, small group discussions, and activities that will help prepare you to be an effective evangelist and overcome the fear of sharing your faith.


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Paul Evangelization


Course Outline

  • Introduction to Catholic Evangelization
  • Evangelizing a Secular Culture
  • The Spirituality of the Evangelist
  • The Journey of Discipleship
  • Sharing the Gospel
  • Sharing Your Testimony
  • Praying with Others
  • Evangelical Apologetics
  • Prayer & The Evangelist
  • More ...


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Please visit www.streetevangelization.com for more information.